Corporate management processes may be made less complicated by constant monitoring, analysis and development of these processes. Our experience and work methods enable us to implement management projects at various levels with the aim to achieve a more effective management structure and a more efficient process of exchange of information, to make a company's objectives and directions clearer and use its resources in better ways. The final result is an increase in the company's profits.
Our services in this sphere are as follows:
- Audit of corporate management
- Assessment of a company's structure in respect of its objectives
- Identification of an optimal structure and restructuring
- Assessment of functions of various corporate units and of the level of
their cooperation
- Coordination of decision making, levels of responsibility and delegation
- Optimisation of the information exchange process
- Advice on coordination of corporate objectives and strategy
- Preparation of business plans
- Financing arrangements
- Change management and restructuring of business
- Optimisation of the use of assets.