Concept of our business

Create value to our clients by providing consulting services, organising and implementing support to their business in the areas of marketing, human resources management, quality management and financing of business.
Create welfare to both our clients and us by way of mutually beneficial and professional cooperation, by making use of our knowledge and experience. Work orientated only towards the result.
Using our services, you will:

  • be able to concentrate on the key objectives on your company, i.e. carry out your core activities to achieve your key objectives
  • enhance your company's competitiveness thanks to the reduction of operational costs and increase of work productivity
  • have the capacity to manage several huge projects at once
  • be able to use the database and information of the consultancy company
  • be involved in a wide network of business contacts.

The VIP Centre is specialised in the following fields: marketing projects: strategy, means, support; human resources management: recruitment of staff, testing, assessment of competencies, letters of reference; projects of quality management systems: implementation of the ISO standards; arrangement of financing projects and information support.
The VIP Centre is focused on business projects, where the VIP Centre ensures formation of market and complex development of business projects and arranges the most as possible effective and efficient operations of a group of companies specialised in certain areas. On the project level, we arrange integrated marketing and financing, ensure the necessary level of quality and arrange centralised use of human resources.
The VIP Centre operates not only in the Lithuanian market, but also in other Baltic States, Russia and the CIS.
The company draws on practical experience (no les than 3 years) of its staff or external consultants. We also draw on our experience acquired when implementing:

  • business projects abroad (Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.)
  • regional programmes of socio-economic development in Lithuania
  • specific programmes and projects earmarked to companies and state organisations.